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It began more than a century ago, and now it’s your turn. In 1917, the Class of 1892 celebrated their 25th Reunion by making Washington University’s first-ever Reunion Class Gift. Each year, WashU alumni bring new life to the longstanding custom of giving back in honor of their Reunions. It’s your year! Join your classmates and support your Class Gift today.



Join Your Class Gift Committee!

We truly appreciate the gift of your time, which will help make a difference for WashU students for years to come. As a committee member, you will connect with your classmates and help solicit their support for your Reunion Class Gift. This gift recognizes the occasion of your Reunion and provides resources that will have a positive impact on current and future students. As a committee member, you will:

  • Recruit three fellow classmates to serve on the committee.
  • Participate in three or four conference calls.
  • Make a gift of any amount toward your Class Gift.
  • Encourage your classmates to support your Class Gift.
  • Serve as signatory for print and online communications to help us recruit others. It’s all about name recognition and power in numbers!
  • Review solicitation letters to classmates and provide your electronic signature.

In addition, we expect you to read your committee’s monthly email updates, share strategies and best practices among yourselves, serve as a leader for your class, and be a liaison to the university. We will provide you with training and tools to easily reach your classmates online, in person, or by phone or mail.

For more information see the Class Gift Volunteer Manual or contact Emily Maltby at emily.maltby@wustl.edu.


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Many alumni make a special gift commemorating their graduation from Washington University. This year, several Washington University alumni have challenged their classmates to make a special gift in honor of reunion. Participate in your Reunion Class Gift and help earn more funding for current students. You may direct your gift to any school or program of your choice. Any type of contribution you make to the University during your Reunion year is included in your Class Gift totals. Click on the links below to learn more about class challenges for Reunion 2021!
​​Emily Luten Maltby, MPH11
(314) 935-3791
Judith Frankiel
Associate Director
(314) 935-7632

Reunion 2021 Class Gift Results:

07/01/2020 through 04/01/2021

Reunion Class Year Gift Goal Current Dollars Participation Goal Current Participation
65th 1956 $3,100,000 $2,389,348 40%  32%
60th 1961 $1,300,000 $23,755,988 40%   32%
55th 1966 $1,300,000 $9,814,037 40%   29%
50th 1971 $1,600,000 $1,780,015 40%   26%
45th 1976 $3,800,000 $3,014,167 30%   23%
40th 1981 $1,000,000 $2,089,585 30%   19%
35th 1986 $290,000 $209,654 30%   20%
30th 1991 $250,000 $1,673,871 25%   24%
25th 1996 $300,000 $769,462 25%   21%
20th 2001 $100,000 $259,856 25%   20%
15th 2006 $70,000 $543,742 25%    18%
10th 2011 $60,000 $47,411 25%    19%
5th 2016 $20,000 $33,840 30%    18%
1st 2020 $20,000 $6,892 30%    9%
Thank you to everyone who has already participated in their class gift! Any and all gifts made to the university during your reunion year are included. Gifts for classes celebrating a Reunion in 2019 are counted from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.



​Why do alumni give?

Many give in recognition of the top-notch education received at Washington University as they commemorate this celebratory year; others give in the spirit of friendly competition, as classes each year strive to post the highest class-gift participation rate. Most important to the majority of reunion donors, however, is supporting current and future generations of students.

Why should I give?

You might be surprised to learn that, as is the case at many of our peer institutions, tuition covers only 60 percent of the cost to educate undergraduates at Washington University. Annual Fund gifts help fund these essential needs:
​   Scholarships Research
​    Facilities

Is this my reunion year?

This year the graduates of the class of 2020, 2016, 2011, 2006, 2001, 1996, 1991, 1986, 1981, 1976, 1971, 1966, 1961, 1956, 1951, and 1946 in Arts & Sciences, Business, Engineering, Art, and Architecture are celebrating milestone reunions. 

How can I participate?

Simply make a gift or pledge payment -of any amount and to any area -between July 1 and June 30 of your reunion year. Any type of gift will be automatically included in your Class Gift total.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts have a significant impact on the future of Washington University and the school or program you support. Depending on your financial, tax and estate-planning goals, one or more of the following options may enable you to make a planned gift that contributes to your Reunion Class Gift and that complements your financial and estate plan.
For more information about these and other planned giving options:

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